Air Conditioner Repairs in North Okanagan & Kamloops Areas

Vernon, BC, air conditioning repairs should be left up to qualified technicians at E. L. Fox & Sons Plumbing & Heating Ltd.. If you want to get cool air blowing throughout your Vernon, BC, home again soon, call us for prompt project completion. Don't endure the heat. We will have you enjoying the luxury of climate control without further delay.

Since there are many components that factor into how your air conditioner works, it is important to have someone that understands the various elements examine your system. Faulty wiring could cause major damages. Also, a Freon leak could endanger pets, children, or anyone in the home that may be exposed to the leaking chemicals. When one of the team members from our company arrives, you will receive a written estimate upon assessment of the problem. This estimate is given as a courtesy to you. That way, you can make allowances for the necessary repair or maintenance costs.

E. L. Fox & Sons Plumbing & Heating Ltd. handles Vernon, BC, air conditioning repairs with diligence and expediency. The summer heat in Vernon, BC, can be stifling, and we do not want anyone to endure these sweltering temperatures for any longer than is necessary. Call our office to schedule repair work with a helpful member of our office staff. We will get you the relief that you deserve.

Why Choose E. L. Fox & Sons Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

  • Insured
  • Certified
  • Professional Technicians
  • Written Estimates
  • Financing Available
  • Punctual Service
  • Prompt Project Completion

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